Podcast - How to not annoy your prospects

Picture it: You walk into a prospect’s office, exchange introductions and say, “So tell me about your business?”

The prospect looks at you, sighs and begins to tell you the same biographical information they’ve shared with every other salesperson who has walked through their door.

Has this happened to you?

In today’s episode, veteran sales trainers Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale interview a digital marketing agency CEO to learn more about how to not turn off your prospects before you’ve even started the conversation. Michael Reynolds, CEO of SpinWeb, a digital agency based in Indianapolis, shares his tips to help you prove you’ve done your research in advance.

Are you assuming things about your prospect’s situation?

Do you know how to balance your questions with sincere comments that aren’t “tactics” or seen as “salesy?”

In this episode, Bill and Bryan engage Michael in an insightful conversation that will help you build a much warmer prospecting list.  Who wouldn’t mind a few less cold calls?

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