Salespeople who engage with buyers early in the buying process have a 30% higher win rate

A Forrester study highlighted that executives believe only 20% of the salespeople they meet with are successful in achieving their expectations and creating value. Only one in four of these salespeople get agreement from executive buyers to meet again. 

According to a recent study by Altify, 67 percent of buyers engage suppliers early in their buying process before they get to the Solution Evaluation stage of the buying process. 

The Altify study highlighted that a full 35 percent choose to bring sellers to the table even before a project has been fully initiated.  It also found that sellers who engage buyers early have a 30 percent greater win rate. 

Value converts to sales, but sellers aren’t delivering. A study by the RAIN Group indicates that buyers believe 58% of their sales meetings are not valuable. However when buyers find salespeople valuable, they get more initial meetings and convert more of these meetings into sales wins. 

These findings would suggest that believing that a buyer has gone through most of the buying process before engaging a supplier is incorrect and both dangerous and expensive, since early engagement increases a seller’s win rate. 

Developing strategies to engage buyers early, and bring value to the buyer early in the buying process is critical for sellers and adds optimal value to buyers. 

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