Video - Your Price Is Too High: 7 Steps to Defending Price

Jim describes what to say - what to do - and how to best prepare for a buyer saying "Your price is too high." Jim gives you the 7 Steps to Defending Price!

Your price is too high!

How many times have you heard that from a buyer?...What do you say?

I'm Jim Pancero…In the last 33 years I've consulted and trained over 600 experienced sales teams in 80 different industries.

Dealing with pricing demands and pressures from buyers is a constant in all industries…whether you're in retail or business-to-business sales…selling large equipment… parts distribution…or services.

I've personally ridden and observed over a thousand customer calls with sales reps…both rookies and experienced pros. The reps with the best…and ultimately successful responses to "Your price is too high" consistently follow a simple 7 stepped response.

Discussing how to best respond to a buyer's "High price" challenge is like teaching you the steps of a golf swing. Even though the actual swing takes just a few seconds…we can improve your swing if we deconstruct…analyze…discuss and help you plan the best outcome for each component step. ...


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