What they mean when a prospect says sorry "I don't have time"

If you are cold calling leads or prospects it is always tough to know how to respond to some telling you.. sorry, I dont have time for this. 

The reality is they would have time if you were telling them of a lottery win, or an inheritance. The truth is they simply dont believe that what you are offering is going to add enough value to them to be bothered listening! 

How do you answer this - I think everyone has to arrive at the words that work for you but basically you need to call them on this. Take them up on the "I dont have time" excuse and respond honestly and directly. 

Explain as quickly as possible why listening to you is worth them investing just a little time. 

The article attached explains .. 

Prospect: "Hey, I'd love to but I really don't have the time right now..." 

Respond immediately with a phrase along the lines of: 

You: “Hey, I get that, maybe it’s not worth your time right now! But let me be honest with you—the last seven people I talked to in your field, said that too. And they were all wrong. Just give me three minutes to see if you’re right—let’s confirm that talking to me is not a wise investment of your time.” 

Be polite, charming, and decisive in your delivery. This is as much about conveying confidence in your solution, as it is about showing value for their time. 

Give them compelling proof for why they should stay on the line, and why they’d be missing out if they hung up. After a statement with this much conviction, most customers will be willing to give you a few more minutes—which is all you need to start establishing value. 

Take a read of the entire article from close.io .. well worth your while.


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