FOR SUBSCRIBERS TO NAA LEADS - How to mass import leads from NAA site


Downloading (inserting) your leads into Sentia will require three steps.  You will need to use Google Chrome browser for these downloads. 

If you haven't used Google Chrome before, head to the link below and download / install it first.

Now, using Google Chrome, navigate to 

Step 1. Install a tool called "Data Scraper" on to Google Chrome and use it to download these displayed leads from now on.

Using Google Chrome navigate to this url.

Select "add to Chrome"

Once Data Scraper is installed you will be able to use it each time you need to download new leads from the NAA site.

Step 2. You must first display on the NAA site only the leads (the new leads) that you plan to import in to Sentia. 

To do this, you must first filter the leads so that only those not already downloaded are chosen - easiest way to do this is to download only those from certain dates. 

If you do not filter the leads in this way, you will risk duplicate leads on Sentia.

To quickly and easily achieve this, select only the 'new' leads by using filters on the NAA site.

When we do choose to download leads, all of the leads that are loaded on your page will be downloaded so to filter just the leads you want, click “Choose New Filter.”

From the drop down, select the field to filter from the list as shown to the right; for example "Distrbution Date."

To set what date or other value to filter by, click “Choose Filter Value” and select the appropriate dates or other options you want.

Then click “Apply Filters” to filter the data.

The above for instance, will result in all of the leads that have a date listed as 2019-03-20 to be displayed ready for download.

On the top right of your chrome browser toolbar will be listed a data scraper icon. Open the data scraper extension. Hover on your NAA Leads task and click "Run". As shown below.

Once it has run, select "Download" and select "as  .CSV," as shown below.

Once downloaded, the new .csv file will automatically be located in your default browser downloads folder if you have not specified otherwise. This is the same for Mac or Windows PC.

Step 3. Now that your import file is ready to insert into Sentia, proceed back to the Add Records menu option on the nav menu in Sentia and select "Mass Import NAA" page under "Add records."

Confirm you have set your file up by selecting 'Step 3. Done - my file is ready.'

Once you are ready to import, select 'Step 4. Upload File'.

You will now be required to 'Select a file' by clicking on the 'Choose File' button.

Users/DavidsMacbookPro15/Downloads/image (7).pn

Navigate to the leads file you have downloaded and open the file on the popup.

/Users/DavidsMacbookPro15/Desktop/Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 9.04.48 am.png

Click the 'Next' button to proceed.

The wizard will automatically map your fields to the system.

Select 'Next' at the bottom of the mapping to begin importing your file.

After the import is complete you will now see a summary screen showing information regarding your import (similar to the below).

Users/DavidsMacbookPro15/Downloads/image (10).p

You have now inserted the NAA Leads that were in your file.

Follow the link to go back on screen to then see a summary of every record. Here you can make changes if required to the data.

Use the 'Back to Sentia' button to finish the entire import process.


Here is a complete walk through