How to configure the 'Opportunities' template for Mass Import

You should have already downloaded the template to mass import Opportunities. If you

haven’t done so, click on the ‘Step 1. Download Template’ Button as shown below.


You might be asked where to save the file or it might download automatically to your

downloads folder.

Open this file in excel once downloaded.

The file will contain a simple spreadsheet with the following headers in the columns across the page:

NameDescriptionCommission Rate ValueProbability of WinClose DateWebsiteTags

Copy and paste your data into this table without removing any of the field headers

If you are missing some data, this is OK, it may be added later. 

It is critical that you add a 'Name' and  'Close Date' for every opportunity. If this is not done, the file will not import correctly.

'Close Date' needs to be showing in the format of M/DD/YYYY. This is preset for you. 

IF the date format is not showing as month, then date, then year, follow the steps below to fix this. If it is showing correctly, skip these steps.

To set the date format in the correct format:

  1. Click on the top column labeled G to highlight the whole column as shown below

  2. Right click within the highlighted space and select 'Format Cells...'
  3. Select Date Category
  4. Set 'Location (Language)' as 'United States (English)'
  5. In the white box under 'Type', scroll to the bottom and select the second last option displaying as '3/14/2015'
  6. It should match the screen shot below. If it does, click ok and make sure to save the changes.


For the import to be successful, this file needs to be saved as a comma delimited format.

To save the file as a comma delimited format:


  1. Click 'Save As'
  2. The File Format should be changed to be ‘CSV UTF-8 (comma delimited) (*.csv)’
  3. Click Save as
  4. Click continue when the message below appears
Users/DavidsMacbookPro15/Downloads/Screen Shot


  1. Click 'Save As'
  2. The File Format should be changed to be ‘Comma Separated Values (.csv)’
  3. Click Save as
  4. Click continue when the message below appears
Users/DavidsMacbookPro15/Downloads/Screen Shot

Now that your import file is ready to insert into Sentia, confirm by selecting 'Step 3. Done - my file is ready.'


To proceed to the upload window, select 'Step 4. Upload File'.


You will now be required to 'Select a file' by clicking on the 'Choose File' button. 

Users/DavidsMacbookPro15/Downloads/image (7).pn

Navigate to the template you saved earlier and open the file on the popup.

Click the 'Next' button to proceed. 

The wizard will automatically map your fields to the system. It should look like the following.


If you encounter an error and do not see this screen please ensure you have not changed or removed any field headers in the template file, and your template file is indeed saved in the .csv format. 

The 'Mapping Status' for every header should say 'Yes,' as per the screenshot above. 

Select 'Next' at the bottom of all the mapping to begin importing your file. 

After the import is complete you will see a summary screen showing information regarding your import (similar to the below).


Users/DavidsMacbookPro15/Downloads/image (10).p

You have now inserted the Opportunities that were in your template. 

Follow the link to go back on screen to then see a summary of every record. Here you can make changes if required to the data. 


Use the 'Back’ button to finish the entire import process.