Has anybody had any good experiences with outsourced sales teams?

Fay Pondif 2 years ago in Questions updated by Jimmy Grinsberg 2 years ago 3

My first job was with an agency and I guess the experience was ok. For me I never saw it as a long term position. It was just to get me a little experience but it worked kinda.

I did get exposed to a couple of different types of products at the same time so the variety was good. The agency was ok to work for but not sure outsourcing whole sales teams is a great idea.

Not sure what you mean by good experiences. My company got a few staff in from an agency but they weren't very effective selling products

Hi Peter, 

I have worked with some great staffing companies in the past and actually have a field team at the moment in the field. 

I have found that when you find a great company to outsource with it really is a valuable arrangement. For scale-ability we definitely struggled to recruit, train and deploy a team nationally with short notice and as a long term solution we have flexibility that we didn't have with a team we managed ourselves.