The best sales conferences?

Brian Brandon 2 years ago in Comments updated by anonymous 2 years ago 3

I would love a thread where we all shared what we thought the best sales conferences are. 

Why, where they are, who they are for .. it would be a great resource.

Let me go first. I have been to the salesforce.com conference in San Francisco (Dreamforce) the last two years. I was sent because my company hoped to find some prospects but I have to say, although it was a spectacle, it didnt really give you a lot of opportunities to network.

As everyone spends a lot of time shooting from one venue to another and not a lot of time hanging around.

I have been to Dreamforce a couple of times and I know what you mean. I think if your company had a booth in the hall you could do well but just working the crowd would be hard work. As you say it is a scramble between venues usually


I realise that as an Australian I may be in a minority here but I found CeBIT a great conference for networking and leads.



Depends what you are trying to achieve.

Conferences with a large representation of vendors (like Dreamforce or Sales Hacker) are great for keeping up with the latest fancy sales methodologies and tools but not that useful for prospecting.

For prospecting, its all about finding and creating meaningful relationships with potential buyers. I've found conferences that attract more decision makers (or key influencers) and provide opportunities for 1:1 networking deliver most value for money. 

The recent Sales 3.0 conference in San Francisco was great for prospecting,. It attracted many senior sales people and made it easy to network with round table seating, interactive breakouts and cosy food and drink settings.