Best place to have a meeting with a customer

Samantha Wallis 2 years ago in Questions updated by Peter Fairhurst 2 years ago 2

Hi guys!

Just a quick one, I've just had a customer change plans on me and doesn't want to meet at their office now. I'm just a rep coming in to meet them so can't offer my own place, where's the best sort of location to suggest? A cafe??

Please and thank you!


Hey )

It is always a tough one when you work from home. I do tend to aim for a cafe but the real challenge is finding a cafe that is a good environment for a meet - needs to be fairly large and hopefully quiet, ideally with wifi internet and somewhere with easy parking availability.

I use this awesome site which crowd sources locations for meets and also where to head to work if away from home



Cafes are fine but whenever I get stuck like this I usually check out the local area for open foyers with lounges etc you can sit at. I think it is usually a bit more conducive to a meeting. I can usually explain using some buildings foyer away by saying my next meeting is with a client on a floor of the building.

Cafes are ok but with a nice foyer area with some open space it looks a little more corporate

Maybe workfrom site needs to expand on cafes