Any good ideas when it comes to rewarding my sales team in the Bay area?

Jimmy Grinsberg 2 years ago in Questions updated by Marisio Sanchez 2 years ago 4

Hi everyone, 

My team had a killer month and I am keen to do something special to reward them. 

Does anyone have any great suggestions in the Bay area?


Hi Jimmy, 

I am currently not in the Bay area however I have a work colleague who knows the area well. I have shared your question to him. 

Normally I would suggest a round of drinks at a nice bar or something that encourages the group to bond. 

Hope this helps!


I am in the Bay area! and if you did want to reward the team you couldn't go past a trip (for a day or maybe the weekend depending on budget) to Napa?

Thinking about it a bit more though, although no sales person I know would turn down a weekend away expenses paid, I have always found that the most motivating rewards are those that people can brag about or those that make them look like heroes among their family and friends.

Maybe something that they can give to all and sundry as a giveaway, I remember that a great incentive we had years ago was a gallon can of jelly beans that we gave staff whenever they sold a particular item. Some reps would go home with literally a trunk full of gallon cans of jelly beans. It sounds crazy but they then gave these away to any kids they knew, friends, neighbors .. they were heroes!

I cannot tell you how many new product sales happened because they got these cans of beans! 


Hi Jimmy.. depends on whether your team is from the Bay area? If they are all over and you are bringing them in for a reward then the Napa valley thing may be fine but if they locals that may not turn them on so much!

If you wanted to say a low cost thanks.. beers, hotdogs and a bowling night would work for me!

I normally take my team out for a steak dinner. They seem to always have a great time.